What you can expect from us

1 At your first appointment

We understand that many people meeting a financial adviser for the first time may not be too sure quite what to expect. They may be a little nervous and sometimes wonder if the experience will turn out to be as scary as going to the dentist.

We can guarantee you that a visit to us is nothing like as bad. For a start initial discussions with new clients are always free of charge.

We are in a rural setting so there will be no traffic problems en route. There is free easy parking in our own car park outside the office door. You will not have to worry about cash for the ticket machine or a long walk. Our meeting will be held in a quiet comfortable room and you will be able to tell us about your situation and objectives over a relaxing cup of tea or coffee.

We will listen carefully to what you have to say to us and then explain your options to you in plain English. We will answer any questions that you may have and we will tell you about any cost that you may incur for the advice and/or intermediation services that we offer.

When you are happy that you have all the information you need you will then return home to ponder, in your own time, how you wish to proceed.

We will not contact you again, but will wait for you to contact us if you wish to do so.

Most people prefer to visit the office for this first meeting because we have all the technology here to be able to provide information that may be relevant.

However if, for any reason it would be more convenient for you and would save you time we are happy to meet with you at your home or office.

2 In the longer term

You will be able to contact us at any time during office hours to discuss your investment portfolio or pension arrangements.

If you wish to benefit from our ongoing review service then you may also request two portfolio reviews and valuations in any 12 month period – with meetings to discuss any relevant issues. We will contact you if we feel that the factors that determined the selection of a fund have changed and the fund is no longer appropriate.

Our principle aim now and in the years ahead is for you to feel happy and comfortable with the help and results that we provide for you.

We believe we have achieved this for clients and that this is why so many have been with us for such a long time.

We promise to do our very best to please you.

Contact Us

For further information or to arrange an appointment for an informal discussion please call us on 01761 232122 or email enquiries@johncrick.com

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